India Horse Race Betting

Traditionally, if you were looking for India horse race betting you would have to go to land based bookmakers in order to make a bet. Given that there are only a handful of race courses across India, it is no surprise that there is no abundance of such bookmakers either. Even huge metropolis cities like Bangalore only have a couple of land-based bookmakers. Therefore, the lack of easily available book makers severely hampers the number of people that can access and bet on horse races in India.

Online horse racing has been introduced in recent years in India and it has been a ray of hope for the horse racing industry. You can now bet on Indian horse races from the comfort of your own home. Furthermore, you can even get all details such as the form of the horses, which jockeys are riding, which trainers and owners are behind which horses and everything else (complete race book) online. This way, you can make well informed bets which could make all the difference between winning and losing.

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In India, real money betting is outlawed in most states. However, horse racing is a rare exception. Given that horse race betting is considered to be both skill-based and luck-based, it is allowed. In most states, purely luck – based betting is banned.

It was the case of Dr. K.R Lakshmana v. State of Tamil Nadu in which verdict was passed that horse racing betting involves an element of skill and hence will be allowed. Since then, multiple Indian states have enacted statutes which allow licensed bookmakers. So, who  the top online horse race bookmakers in India?

  • –Betway India covers all sorts of online sports betting and adhere to the highest quality, fairness and security. Betway also offers betting on all the Indian horse racing events as well. Betway has a great user flow which is intuitive and highly usable. Given their vast amount of experience in sports betting around the world, they have brought the same quality to Indian horse racing.
  • ComeOn – Horse racing with ComeOn Sports has never been easier. Their user friendly platform has conveniently positioned quick links to every day’s horse racing events. You can follow horse racing satta guide as well.

Different Levels of Horse Racing in India

Horse racing is not a ‘one size fits all’ kind of sport. There are several categories of races. The races may vary in terms of the distance being run, the age of the horses, the experience of the horses and several other factors. Basically, there are several different levels to horse racing in India. Let us take a look at some of the top horse racing events in the country.

  • Indian Derby Betting –The Indian Derby was debuted in 1943 and has since been the premier horse racing event in the country. This is largest horse racing event in India till date as assessed on various factors. The Indian Derby is an annual event which transpires on the first Sunday of every February. The Indian Derby takes place in Mumbai in a racecourse known as the Mahalaxmi Racecourse. The most recent edition of the Indian Derby was won by the horse named Star Superior which was trained by Rajesh Narredu. The Indian Derby is a thoroughbred horse race and the distance to cover in the race is 2400 meters.
  • Indian 2000 Guineas Betting –If you know about the English 2000 Guineas race that takes place in Suffolk, England, then you might sense the similarities in the Indian 2000 Guineas Betting. The Indian 2000 Guineas is basically the Indian version of the English 2000 Guineas. It takes place every December in Mumbai and three – year old fillies as well as colts can both take part in the race side by side. One of the favorite trainers for this race is Sadakshara Padmanabhan. If you are going to bet on this race, you should consider horses from his stable for sure. The distance covered in this flat, straight race is about 1600 meters.
  • Indian 1000 Guineas Betting –Unlike the Indian 2000 Guineas race where both colts and fillies can enter, the Indian 1000 Guineas is a race where only three – year old fillies are allowed to race. This too happens in December in Mumbai. Traditionally, this race takes place on a Saturday and is symbolizes the kick off of the Indian classic races in the Mumbai racing season.

Common Bets in Horse Betting

If you are new to the world of horse race betting, you could be a little overwhelmed by the sheer number of betting options you have access to. However, they are considerably easy to comprehend and once you get started betting, you will quickly start loving the fact that you have different betting options and they are going to work in your favor to strategize and make winning bets. Some of the common types of horse race bets are as follows

  • Single – This is the simplest and most common type of bet in horse racing. You basically bet on one horse to win a single event.
  • Double – You bet on two different events, for the bet to win, both selections must win. Doubles usually have higher payouts because of the fact that the odds to predict the winner for not just one, but two races are a little less probable than picking just one events outcome right.
  • Treble – Pays even better than a double. You need to pick three events and bet on the outcome of each and all three selections must win in order for you to receive a return. Even if two of the selections of the three end up winning, you still lose the treble.
  • Accumulator – Along the lines of double and treble, an accumulator is any bet where you are making selections on at least four or more events. For your accumulator bet to win, all selections you made must win.
  • Trixie –A Trixie is basically three selections and four bets, three doubles and a treble. Unlike in a double, treble and accumulator, you can win a Trixie (you are guaranteed a return) if at least two of your selections must win.
  • Patent –A Patent is a bet which is comprised of three singles, three doubles and a treble. Basically, three selections and seven bets. For you to get any return on your Patent, a minimum of two selections must win. A Patent is essentially a Trixie but with three singles added on top of it.
  • Yankee –A Yankee is a bet which is made up of four selections and 11 bets broken down like this – 6 doubles, 4 trebles, and a fourfold. At least two of your selections need to win in order for you to be guaranteed a return on your Yankee bet.
  • Forecast – A forecast is easy to understand, but not easy to win. You will need to predict the finishing order of the horses in first and second in a race.
  • Reverse Forecast – You need to select the first two horses but the order in which they place will not matter.
  • Match Bet – A match bet is a strategy that some players use in order to take advantage of the free bets and other promos offered by bookmakers.
  • Placepot –This is a pooled bet, where you need to select a horse in each of the first six races on a specific racecourse on a single day, and if the horses you pick make the podium of each of the six races, you will win a share of the total pool. Since this is a pooled bet, how much you win will depend on how many other people win from the pool. Even one unplaced selection and you will not get any returns on your placepot.
  • Jackpot –This is one of the most difficult bet types to win. It is also often the most lucratively paying bets. You need to pick the winner for each of the first six races that are happening on a racecourse in a single day. Even if one of your selections does not win, and you don’t get a penny.

History of Horse Race Satta in India

Horse racing in India is nothing new. Horse race betting enthusiasts from India will know that horse racing in India is a well-established sport. India has several horse racing courses spread across the length and breadth of the country. To be specific, there are nine courses or race tracks at this time. The horse races in India are conducted and regulated by six different racing authorities.

For those who are interested in horse race betting in India, you should know that horse racing in India is over two centuries old. The very first race course that was setup in the nation was in Chennai (known as Madras previously) in the year 1777.

The pedigree and quality of the race horses in India is a big factor and only race horses which have been bred in India are allowed to participate. However, the breeding industry in India imports parent horses of the highest pedigree from all over the world in order to breed them and use the offsprings for racing. Therefore, despite the restrictions, the quality of the horse racing is comparable to some of the most prolific horse races events in the world. Elusive Pimpernel and Squanderer are considered the best ever horses to have raced in India. Both of these horses were trained by legendary trainer Rashid Byramji.

Some of the most famous and legendary jockeys in Indian horse racing are the likes of Pesi Shroff, Bajrang Singh Jodha, Sinclair Marshall, Lloyd Marshall, B Sreekanth, Robin Corner, and many more.

The top turf clubs which conduct horse racing events in India are:

  • The Bangalore Turf Club
  • Mysore Race Club
  • Madras Race Club
  • Delhi Race Club
  • Royal Calcutta Turf Club
  • Hyderabad Race Club
  • Royal Western India Turf Club which conducts races in the Mahalaxmi Racecourse in Mumbai and the Pune Race Course.

Unfortunately for Indian horse racing, the introduction of GST has taken a toll on the sport.  GST levied for betting in India is a staggering 28% which, needless to say, is highly discouraging for punters. Since the introduction of this tax, horse racing betting in India has seen a sharp decline.


India horse race betting is one of the  which is legal and regulated. It has been a part of India for over 200 years and it is a shame that the industry has to deal with huge revenue losses due to horse race betting being slapped with a heavy 28% tax. Furthermore, the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020 has stopped the racing season in its tracks indefinitely to make matters worse.

Online horse betting portals and bookmakers seem to be the only hope of a saving grace for the community. Will Indian punters get behind the horse racing community by getting more involved in horse race betting opportunities? Only time will tell.