Bangalore Turf Club


Race Details and High Stakes Events

The club has two racing seasons: one in summer and one in winter.

  • Summer: Typically starts in May and runs for a little over three months, until the beginning of August
  • Winter: Starts in November and extends into the new year; concludes in March

Races include Grade I, Grade II, Grade III, and other low-stakes races of varying lengths. Each race day of the calendar has around six or seven races on the cards. In 2018-19, the summer season had a total prize stake in excess of Rs 18.5 crores or around £2 million. The total prize at stake for the winter season was slightly lower at Rs 15.5 crores or £1.68 million.

The races with the largest prize pay-outs are the two Bangalore Derbies, one each in the summer and winter. They are both are Grade I races. Top brands such as Kingfisher (United Breweries) and Crystal Properties sponsor these events.


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Betting at the Bangalore Turf Club

Bangalore Turf Club was the first in the country to begin “off-course” betting in association with the Royal Western India Turf Club (RWITC) in the mid-1970s. This immensely helped the racing clubs, giving them what was a new financial lease of life at the time.

Later, in 1996, the Supreme Court of India passed a landmark judgment deeming horse race betting legal. It said that betting on horses requires skill, and knowledge. Know-how of form, not only for the horse but also the jockey. Conditions, weather, and turf also come into play. Therefore, it is completely legal to bet at not only Bangalore Turf Club, but also other racecourses in India.

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Bangalore Turf Club Today

In 2020, the Bangalore Turf Club completes 100 years. Horse racing in the city though is much older than the club itself. Magnificent beasts were imported from the Middle East, and Mysore cavalry had lines of stables outside the city’s fort.

These and more are some of the reasons for the Bangalore Turf Club’s success as a outfit for racing and development of horse racing as a sport. The evolution continues despite the world’s slowdown from the coronavirus pandemic. Sponsors and owners alike continue discussions for the return of the sport at the earliest.

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Bangalore Turf Club is one of the premier horse racing clubs in India. The history behind the racing club dates back to the 1800s. Animal sport area at the time consisted of battles between cheetahs and other big cats – complete with wooden galleries for the eager masses.

The 1857 mutiny that engulfed the subcontinent changed everything. With the large number of British troops that entered the city cantonment area brought with them thoroughbreds and of course horse racing.

This old animal fight arena was eventually converted to a racecourse. By 1890, according to the author of “Training and Horse Management in India” there were 74 racecourses in India. The one at Bangalore was a mile and two furlongs in length. All that remains of this original course today is a route in Austin Town – Old Race Course Road.

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Bangalore Turf Club founded in 1921, has considerable influence amongst all the racing clubs in India. Situated deep in the heart of India’s Silicon Valley, the club and course are well equipped with everything for modern international racing despite space constraints.

It is the weather of the city and its surrounding areas that allows it to be pleasant and ideal for horse breeding. The unusual elevation has allowed some of the finest breeds from around the world to come and make their presence felt in Bangalore for centuries.

Varied Modern Facilites

The stables have space for 1,000 horses, many tracks for training, a swimming pool for the horses, a veterinary hospital, and even a riding school for dilettantes. will give you more information on all the facilities of the modern-day Indian horse racing set up and track. These will help you understand the workings of each facility and in turn help you make an informed decision when you wish to bet money on a horse during the season.

The Track at Bangalore Turf Club

Coming to the main track, the famous oval shape is what first comes to mind. Turf is the main surface, with a smaller inner dirt track. Measuring 1,950 m in length, is the gradient that gives this track its uniqueness. There is a dip, a climb, four sharp curves and a very short straight. Therefore, the course has much to offer come race day, often leaving one in suspense till the very last minute.

There are many variables that influence the outcome of a race. Know more about them at The site will help you gauge the correct horse and jockey to bet on come race time. It is perfectly legal, and some great fun too!

Bangalore used to have only one racing season during the winter. Nowadays like most clubs, there are two – one in summer, and another in winter. There are Grade I, and a smattering of Grade II, and Grade III races that occur at this course.

In 2018-19, the summer season’s prize stake was Rs. 18.5 crore, and the winter Rs. 15.5 crore. will give you accurate figures of money which is at stake during these races across India. It is also a safe place for you to place your bet on various races and categories during the season.