Horse Race Satta Guide for India

Horse race satta has seen a huge increase in popularity over the past two decades in India. This is likely due in no small part to a major decision in 1996 when the Supreme Court of India found that betting on horse racing was a matter of skill, therefore, it was their opinion that neither the 1888 Police Act nor the 1930 Gaming Act applied to betting on horses as they did not considered it gambling.

Pari-mutual horse races are organized in India by five Turf Authorities of India. There are bookmakers at the tracks, however, we have found only one reputable betting site that allows bets on horse racing events that occur in India. You will also find plenty of horse races to bet online from around the world at the other sports betting sites accepting Indian players. You have plenty of options to bet online from India on international horse races including events held in the US, UK and Europe and other places around the world. Not only the most popular races, but also daily races, including live events.


Best Sites for Online Horse Betting for Indians


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Horse Race Satta Online from India


Popular International Horse Races and Events

The Grand National (UK, Steeplechase, April) – Steeplechase event covering 7242m where horses jump 30 fences over the course of the race. The first race was held 1839 and has a total purse totaling nearly £1 million.

Nakayama Grand Jump (JPN, Steeplechase, April) – Nakayama Racecourse and covers 4250m. The first race was held in 1999. The total purse is roughly ¥15 million.

Kentucky Oaks (US, Flat, May) – Held at Churchill Downs the day before the Kentucky Derby. It is a 1800m race on a flat track. First prize is $600,000.

Kentucky Derby (US, Flat, May) – At Churchill Downs on a 2km track. The most popular of all horse races in the US. It is a part of the US Triple Crown Series that includes the Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont Stakes. Inaugural race was in 1875. First place is usually awarded around $1.4 million.

Preakness Stakes (US, Flat, May) – At Pimlico Race Course. The second race of the US Triple Crown and coincidentally the second most popular race in the US. Inaugural race was in 1873. First place usually takes home around $1 million.

Belmont Stakes (US, Flat, June) – At Belmont Park on a 2.4m long course. First race was held in 1867. It is the third and final race of the US Triple Crown series. It is the fourth most popular race in the US behind the other Triple Crown events and the Kentucky Oaks. First prize is $600,000

The Royal Ascot (UK, Flat, June) – The UK’s most popular horse race that has history dating back to 1711. Held at the Ascot Racecourse it offers over £3 million in prize money.

Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe (FR, Flat, October) – Flat race coving 2400m. The first race was held in 1920 and has over €4 million in prize money. First place takes home roughly €2.3 million.

Breeders’ Cup (US, Flat, November) – Series of horse races at a single track typically held in the US with one exception when the event was held in CA in 1996. It has the 5th highest attendance of all US horse. Purse varies by race $500,000 – $5 million.

Melbourne Cup (AUS, Flat, November) – The most popular horse race in Australia. It was first held in 1861 and covers 3200m. The total purse is over 6 million AUD.

Basic Horse Race Satta

Win, Place, and Show are often referred to as ‘straight’ bets. They are the most common bets placed on horse races. If you are new to horse betting, we recommend these bets to get started.

Win – This bet is straight forward as the wager is simply a bet on a particular horse to win.

Place – This bet is on the horse finishing 1st or 2nd. The payouts are smaller, but the risk is also smaller.

Show – Similar to the place bet, this is on the horse finishing in 1st, 2nd or 3rd.

Exotic Horse Race Satta

Exacta – Think of this as an ‘exact match’ bet. You must choose which horses will place exactly 1st and 2nd. You must choose which horse will get 1st and which will get 2nd. They must place exactly as you guessed to get paid. This is a very risky bet, but also has a pretty large payout.

Exacta Box – This bet is basically both combinations of the Exacta bet. If you were to place a $2 Exacta on Horse A coming in 1st and Horse B coming in 2nd, in order to make it a box you would pay $4 to include the opposite arrangement. You must choose two horses that will place in the top two. Unlike the regular Exacta bet, they do not have to be in a particular order this is because you have covered both combinations, they simply both have to finish in the top two spots.

Quinella – Similar to an Exacta Box but it is one bet. Simply choose the top two finishers in no particular order.

Trifecta – With gradually higher odds, the trifecta is similar to the Exacta, except this bet is on the top three finishers in order. So the bet will attempt to predict which horses will come exactly in 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Trifecta Box – Similar to the other box bets, this is a bet on the top 3 horses in no particular order.

Superfecta – The Superfecta is the mega money jackpot of horse bets. It is a bet on the top four finishers in order. They must come exactly in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th as you have chosen.

Superfecta Box – A bet on the top four finishers in no particular order.

Betting Value – Winning over the Long Run

It is important to understand that in order to be a winning player, you don’t have to win every time you place a bet. It is all about finding value in the bets. In the case of horse racing it is all about choosing horses to win, place, or show who you think have been undervalued. Meaning, you think the odds that the bookmaker are presenting are lower than the actual odds of them winning, placing or showing. However, this requires a lot of homework that isn’t going to be attractive to the more casual bettor or those simply looking for entertainment.

Betting for the Thrill

For those who bet on horses more for entertainment and the thrill, take the long shot bets. We prefer the Trifecta Box and Superfecta Box as they are a little less risky than the straight Trifecta and Superfecta. It is hard to replace the excitement you feel when three of your horses make the final turn and are in a dead heat for the top spots.