RWITC – Pune Race Course

The RWITC, also known as Royal Western India Turf Club, hosts some of India’s most prestigious horse races. It has more than six Grade I main events in a calendar year, including:

  • 1,000/2,000 Guineas
  • Indian Derby
  • Pune Derby
  • Indian Oaks
  • Poonawalla Breeders Multimillion
  • Indian St Leger

In Pune, RWITC conducts the following:

  • Grade I races
    • The Mcdowell Signature Premier Indian St.Leger
    • The Nanoli Stud Pune Derby
  • Grade II races
    • The F.D. Wadia Trophy
    • The S.A.Poonawalla Multi-million
  • Grade III races
    • The Eve Champion Trophy
    • The Sanjay Kakade Group Turf Club Trophy



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Betting in India

Betting has always been seen as an immoral activity in India. That is certainly not the case with horse race betting. Since colonial times, horse race betting has been considered to be a pastime and a sport. In modern times, this has continued with horse race betting considered to be legal by eight state legislations.

Horse Race Betting in India – Supreme Court Case

The question of horse race betting’s legality was challenged in the Indian Supreme Court. In 1996, Dr KR Lakshmanan v State of Tamil Nadu, where the three-judge bench of the Supreme Court observed a few things.

Betting on horse racing according to them, horse racing is an organized association. They also said that betting includes the assessment of a contestant’s physical capacity and other evaluative skills. These skills are acquired through training. There is nothing illegal in horse racing, it is a lawful sport.

Therefore, it is legal to bet on horses via licensed on-track betting stations. There are also extensions, known as off-course betting centres around the city and state nearby Pune Race Course.

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RWITC Location

A mere 163 kilometres away from the Mahalaxmi Race Course in Mumbai, is its Western Indian counterpart, the Pune Race Course. Situated in the same state of Maharashtra, the Pune Race Course too has a storied history dating back to the early 1800s.

Pune is about 3 hours away by road from Mumbai. It is the second largest city in the state, and is located on the Deccan Plateau. Given the torrential monsoon season that hits Mumbai every year, Pune is a preferred location for the Monsoon races under the aegis of the Royal Western Indian Turf Club.

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History of the RWITC Course

In 1819, the first horse race was held in the city of Pune, with a 100-guinea (monetary value) cup donated by Pune citizen and later Governor of Bombay Mr Mountstuart Elphinstone.

11 years later, in 1830, the RWITC was built on the its present site in the Cantonment area near the Empress Garden. It is a much smaller facility, which today is on land owned by the army.
A total of 118 acres occupies the property, which also has a guesthouse for members apart from modern day amenities that include stabling facilities one km from the race course.

The storied history of RWITC is part of a colonial legacy. A Royal past time which has continued after India gained Independence in 1947. To learn more about the history of other race courses and the impact they have had on the sport in India today, visit also provides you with the latest and best offers on odds. It allows you to place your bet on the races that take place at the RWITC and other Indian tracks on a seasonal basis.

Description of the RWITC Track

The Royal Western Indian Turf Club conducts races at two clubs in Maharashtra – at Mahalaxmi in Mumbai , and at Camp in Pune.

The track in Pune is longer than the one in Mumbai. At 3200 m, it has a turf surface and an oval space just like its Mumbai counterpart.

There are many variables that affect the outcome of a horse race. For instance, in 2014, before the start of the season, Pune experienced little to no rain. This would change the lush green monsoon track brown. Therefore, the preparation that the horses would undertake before the season started would get affected, and so on.

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RWITC Racing Season

As mentioned earlier, rains in Mumbai have moved the monsoon season to the Pune Track. This season lasts from July to October. The Winter season runs at Mahalaxmi Race Track between November to March each year.

In 2004, there was an innovative monsoon track preparation installed at Mahalaxmi race course. This was to prevent horses from running on the far out, so they do not encounter heavy rain during the monsoons.

At Pune Race Course there are Grade I, Grade II, and Grade III races run. These attract the best jockeys and horses from across the country. Given its storied history, there are also some heritage races run at the Pune Race Course. makes it easy for you to watch the race live even if you are not on site at the race course. There are many livestreams to enjoy the horse race from the comfort of your home. It also allows you to conveniently place your bet during the racing season.

RWITC Pune Race Course Today

The ongoing Coronavirus epidemic has put a stop to racing across the country. There are suggestions that racing should resume keeping with the norms of social distancing. As the members and visitors who place bets should ideally be watching on live streams from home, it becomes essential to place bets online.

There are also talks of legalizing betting for all sports across the country. Various ministers have brought the issue up in Indian Parliament in the last few years. This will also enable online betting sites to bring more efficiency to their websites within the purview of the betting law. is the ideal place to create an account for such a purpose. It helps you with the odds, and gives you access to streams to comfortably enjoy the races. There are guides to help you, and the latest promotions ensure that you get the best deal.