India Horse Race Betting Tips

Horse racing has become an extremely popular sport that people all around the world want to gamble on. As such, a punters’ main objective is to wager on all of the upcoming and live horse races online, especially if they are races from India and their prestigious race tracks. As many punters should already know, the main way of wagering on horse races is to do it Live. In other words, punters need to know all of the horse racing fixtures, along with which racecourses the events will take place at. Among this general information, they should also have a basic knowledge of the general betting options that will be available to them online. Find all your India race tips here!

You can also find plenty of horse betting options from around the world at online betting sites. You will not be able to bet on races held at Indian tracks, but there are daily races in the UK and elsewhere that are available to bet on. Many of the events you can watch live on your computer. See our live horse betting guide for more information on that.

Stay tuned for Indian Horse Race Tips and how you can win money by placing the right bets on the right platform.


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Basic Betting Options

The basic options that punters can use when placing online wagers on the horse races are Win, Place, Show, Win-Place, and Across The Board. Each one of these types of wagers has its own rules of what needs to happen in order for the punter to win the bets.


This is a wager on the horse that the punter believes will outright win the race. In order for the punter to win, the horse has to finish in first place.


This bet wagers on a horse that it will finish in second place. For this wager to pay out, the horse that the punter wagered on must finish in first or second place, and the amount the punter wins is less than a Win wager.


Is a wager on a particular horse that they believe will finish within the top three positions. In other words, the horse has to finish in first, second, or third place in order for the punter to win the bet. This wager pays less than the first two.


This is a kind of double wager, where the punter will pick a horse and the horse has to finish in either first or second place. If the horse finishes in first place, the punter wins both the win and place payoffs.

Across the Board

This is more of a combination of the top 3 bets. This spread places a separate bet on win, place, and show. Technically you could simply place a separate bet on each, but if you place an across-the-board bet on a horse it is more of a shortcut. Since it is a combination of 3 separate bet, it will also cost what you would pay for 3 separate bets. So, if you are normally betting ₹50, the across-the-board bet would be ₹150. The payout depends on which position the horse takes. It will pay out the odds off that bet.

Example: Let’s say the odds of win, place, and show for a particular horse were as follows.

Win: 3.4   Place: 2.5   Show: 2.4

If you placed a bet of ₹50 these would be the following payout and profit for various places for a total bet of ₹150.

Horse Wins: ₹170 + ₹125 + ₹120 = ₹415, Profit ₹415 – ₹150 = ₹265

Horse Places: ₹125 + ₹120 = ₹245, Profit ₹245 – ₹150 = ₹95

Horse Shows: ₹120, Profit ₹120 – ₹150 = (₹30)

You may think it is stupid to place this bet since you lose money if the horse shows, but these odds would depend on the horse. If it was a long shot horse, you may profit from all places, but this means that the odds are not very good on the horse. If you place this bet on stronger horses, you may lose a bit of money on the show bet, but it is a hedge bet. It simply depends on your strategy.

We recommend that you start with the first 3 bets (win, place, and show) on their own… as soon as you feel you have tried it enough times to understand picking horses, then you can move on to the next India Race tips.

India Horse Race: Some of the Exotic/Prop Bets

Just like there are basic wagering options, there are also exotic betting options that will enhance the punter’s experience and pocket, as they are fun and great ways to make some extra money. Some of the exotic wagers are Quinella, Exacta, Trifecta, and Superfecta. These bets are riskier, but they have a higher payout if you hit.


This is where the punters will wager on the first and second place horses in any race and the horses can arrive in any order. For this wager to pay out, both horses picked have to come in first and second.


This is where the punter wagers on the first and second place horses in any race, but the horses have to finish the race in the correct order or the wager will not pay out. The punter will pick which horse will come in first and second.


This is where the punter wagers on the first, second, and third place horses in any race, and the horses have to finish the race in the correct order or the wager will not pay out.


This is a larger wager, where the punter will pick out the horses that will finish the race in first, second, third, and fourth positions, and they have to finish in that order for the wager to pay out.

The harder it is to pick the winning horses, the higher the odds and payouts will be as mentioned above. So if the punter is willing to risk a little money, they may end up getting a large sum of rupees in return. Stay within your budget, however, and do not go off your gambling strategy.

Do follow the RWITC Race Tips as Mumbai Race Course usually organizes some of the best actions in the India horse race circuit.

India Horse Race Betting Tips and Strategies

  • Bankroll Management: The most important of our India race tips is setting a budget. When you are new at something, chances are you aren’t going to be very good at it. Learning how to bet on horses is exciting and challenging. It’s important that you set limits on losses so that you can afford to learn from your mistakes. If you don’t set a limit, it can quickly go from a fun activity to something very stressful. Make a budget and STICK TO IT!
  • Do Your Research: Before the race is scheduled to start, punters should look into each one of the horses that are racing, as well as at the racecourse itself. Checking on the various statistics of the horses, such as training times and past performances in similar races, should start to give a punter a good prediction of which horse could win. Looking at the tracks, along with their conditions, is also a good indication of how the outcome of the race will be. The weather has a tendency to affect the races, even with a slight drizzle could throw off the horses pace and end up costing the punter their wagers. Research the horses and racecourses, follow a good money management strategy, and learn which online gambling options are best during particular situations.
  • Following the Right Tipsters: You should follow the tipsters who have a proven track record. For example, if you are looking for Bangalore Race Tips, you can check out our Bangalore Turf club guide for detailed info.