Madras Race Club

Race Details and High Stakes Events

With two tracks at their disposal, the Madras Race Club has divided the racing season into three distinct seasons.

As mentioned earlier, Ooty is for the summer month races, in May and June. The Madras Race course hosts both Monsoon (August to October) and Winter (November to March) races.

There are high stake Grade I, Grade II, and Grade III races that take place during the different seasons. During the 2018-19 season, the purses exceeded Rs. 12 crores.

Some of the important races include:

  • Nilgiris Gold Cup, the highlight of every Ooty summer season
  • Nilgiri 1,000/2,000 Guineas
  • Indian Turf Invitation Cup
  • The Guindy Gold Cup
  • Madras Gold Vase

Find out more about the different race tracks and the odds for races at This knowledge will help you place your bet.



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Gambling in India

There is a blanket ban on betting in India with a few exceptions. One of those is Horse race betting. A landmark Supreme Court judgment in 1996, ruled that betting on a horse required knowledge of the track, horse and jockey form and so on.

In other words, it was a game of skill. Therefore, it is perfectly legal to bet on horse races in India. is a perfect place to do just that, legally and with the utmost privacy.

Recent years have seen a Supreme Court order in 2016 directing the Law Commission of India to examine the possibility of legalizing sport betting. The committee submitted its report in 2018, and advised to go ahead with legalizing the practice.

Betting on Races at the Madras Race Club

Like all other clubs in South India, the Madras Race Course has been under the auspices of the South India Turf Club, since the 1950s. It is now an independent turf authority.

It is possible to visit the Chennai race course and place your bet at the venue, and join the 1000 odd membership for the races. However, if you cannot be there in person, is the site where you can easily place your bet no matter where you are in India.

Online Betting at the Madras Race Club

Once the online framework is decided and set up, all the clubs can merge their betting kiosks online. You can then use to place your bet while watching the race on live stream safely from home.

Nothing beats the thrill of watching magnificent beasts try to outrun each other with something on the line. An old world charm, evolving for modern times. Check out some of the livestreams that each club posts. Links will be available on, your one stop shop for everything Indian racing.

There are many challenges that the horse racing industry is going to face going into the immediate future. There is an immediate urge to move the entire operation online. will come in handy. It also allows you to place your bet on the races once they start again.



In 1777 for the first time in India, land was allotted for constructing a race track to conduct horse racing. The then government granted 81 “cawnies” of land for the purpose in the city of Madras (now called Chennai).

Amongst the distinguished guests that visited Madras Race Club over the centuries, the visit of the then Prince of Wales Edward the VII visited in 1875.

After the inception, there were many starts and stops for reasons that included invasions, World War I, and more recently legal battles.

Nevertheless, that does nothing to diminish the quality of racing at Madras Race Club. The oldest racing club in the country has a storied history that spans 200 years.



The club is in South Indian city of Chennai, and is one the best equipped in the country. Chennai is the capital city of the state of Tamil Nadu.

Madras Race Club

Located near the Guindy National Park, the race course is also know as Guindy race course. There are also other race courses in India which you can learn about on

The club has 625 horses in station, and three stands including one with the best view of the finish.

It is quick and easy to place a bet at the Madras Race Club, or any of the other clubs on

Ooty Race Track

Chennai is known for its very hot and humid summers. Therefore, during those months the Madras club moves across the state to Ooty, about 540 kilometres away.

Ooty is high up in the Nilgiri hills of the Western Ghats, and serves as the venue for the summer races. Given the varied topography, naturally both tracks are in contrast to each other.

Two different locations, and tracks make the variables seem innumerable. Not to mention the various horse and jockey pairs that race at the two locations from across the country. makes this information easier for you. The information allows you to enjoy the race, without worrying about the vagaries. You can also place your bet before the race starts easily and efficiently.

The Tracks at Madras Race Club and Ooty

Guindy has a relatively flat turf with a green surface. Despite not having much gradient, it is a track that requires a high degree of skill. It is 2355 m long, and has three varying bends

The Ooty track is much narrower, and is only a mile long. Earlier, there were restrictions on the numbers and the kind of horses and jockeys that could take part in races here. This changed in 2016, allowing different participants from various parts of the country to compete at Ooty.

The Race Course Today

With the current coronavirus pandemic, there is a constant need for social distancing. Horse racing, is one sport where it can work, because of the existence of online streams and online betting sites like

There are suggestions that clubs and the governing body for horse racing in India, the Turf Authorities of India are in talks to resume Indian racing.