Neteller India Review

Neteller India is another great choice for Indian players to deposit. It has moderate fees compared to other e-wallets, but maybe a better option depending on how you plan to use it.

Be sure to carefully compare the fees of the different e-wallets.

Indian Horse Race Betting Sites Accepting Neteller India


₹2,500 Bonus

Min Deposit ₹200


₹2,500 Bonus - Min Deposit ₹200

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Min Deposit ₹800


₹10,000 Bonus - Min Deposit ₹800
Leon Bet

₹20,000 in Free Bets

Min Deposit ₹100


₹20,000 in Free Bets - Min Deposit ₹100

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Min Deposit ₹350

Live Streaming


Min Deposit ₹350 - Live Streaming

Neteller India Deposit Overview

E-wallets are the best banking option for Indians looking to play at online casinos, poker sites or make bets on bookmakers. Once the account is set up, they have the highest success rate of any option available. Neteller is a leading e-wallet for providing a trusted service, lower fees than competitors like Entropay, and convenient funding options including credit cards and bank transfers. Players can also use Neteller to withdraw from their player accounts in addition to using it for deposit.

How Neteller India Wallet Works

Neteller is an e-wallet and works much the same as any other. Players fund their e-wallet account using various methods, including bank transfers, credit cards, checks and more. Once money has been transferred to the e-wallet, this acts as an online bank account that the player can use to deposit and withdraw at betting sites.

Neteller India Fees: Deposit, Transfer, and Withdraw

Fees to Fund Neteller India Account: 0 – 5%

Depending on the method used to fund your Neteller India account, fees range from 0 to 5% of the deposit amount. However, most methods are not over 1.75%. Of course, we recommend funding your Neteller account with either Maestro cards or Bank Transfers if possible because these methods are free.

Popular Funding Options

VISA: 1.75%
MasterCard: 1.75%
Maestro: FREE
Bank Transfer: FREE

Transfer to/from Betting Sites: FREE

Generally, betting sites do not charge their players fees for either withdrawing or depositing using Neteller. None of the betting sites that we recommend charge for using Neteller. This means you can freely use your Neteller account to take money from one betting site and move it to another if you would like. To do this, you simply need to transfer money from site A to your ewallet, and then transfer it to site B.

Transfers to Other Neteller Accounts: FREE

There are no charges for transferring to other Neteller accounts.

Withdrawing from Neteller: Free* – 25 EUR, Average 7.5 EUR

Withdrawing is how Neteller makes most of its money to operate. Most fees will be about 7.5 EUR for bank transfers or checks.

See a full listing of their fees here.

Why Use Neteller India?

We recommend ewallets such as Neteller to all Indian players. Depositing can be the most challenging aspect to freely betting online. Methods like credit cards and some bank transfers are sometimes difficult to execute. However, ewallets have a 100% success rate once money is transferred to the ewallet.

Ewallets also provide a layer of privacy for the player. If a player transfers funds directly to online betting sites, a transaction will show up on bank statements or credit cards as a transaction with the betting site. However, when using Neteller, the transaction is between the credit card or bank and Neteller. This means that any transfers will show as transactions with Neteller. What you do with the money after you transfer it to Neteller will remain only on your ewallet account.

Ewallets also allow easy transfer of funds from one betting site to another. This is useful to take advantage of various bonus offers or odds offered by the various sites.

Also see our favorite ewallet, Skrill/Moneybookers.

How to Set Up Neteller India Account?

Signing up with Neteller is simple, but does require a few steps. To get started, simply go to and click on the Personal tab at the top. Now click ‘Sign-up’.

Security Information. You will be required to provide some information confirming your identity as well as security info to make sure your account is protected. You will also be asked to provide security questions to help verify your account in case you lose your log-in details. After you fill out the required details, we recommend you take a screen shot of the registration page by pressing CTRL + Print Screen (on PC) or cmd ⌘ + Shift + 3 (on Mac) and print this for your records.

After you complete this process you will be emailed your account ID and security ID. These are very important. Keep this on record.
To make a final confirmation of the account you may be required to call Neteller. Be sure to call from the phone number you used to register the account. They will verify your details and your account.

Linking your Bank Account. We have found funding ewallets through bank transfers is the easiest solution. If you have an account, we find it is best to go ahead with the process of linking and confirming the account. This process can take a few days, so it is best to get it out of the way.

To link a bank account, click “verify identity” on the account tab. Then select “Register/Add a bank account”. Fill out the account details as needed and click “Continue”. To confirm the account, Neteller with deposit very small amounts (micro transactions). After you see these deposits made, go to and select “verify your bank account”. You will be required to enter the total amount of the micro deposits. Be sure you enter the correct amount. It will give you four chances to enter the correct amount. If you don’t enter the correct amount after the fourth attempt the process will restart. If you don’t do it correctly after the 2nd attempt, we recommend you call their customer service line to make sure you are doing it correctly.

Tips on Using Neteller India

* We strongly suggest linking your bank account to Neteller. This creates for a much easier process to fund and withdraw from your ewallet account. If you don’t link your bank account, you can’t make bank transfers. This process can take a few days so be sure to start the process immediately.

* When using any type of financial site or service online, always look for the address bar that begins with HTTPS instead of just HTTP. The S stands for SECURE. This helps to guard your personal info.

* Only withdraw from Neteller when necessary. The largest fees and perhaps only fees you will incur are when you withdraw funds from your Neteller account. So be sure to only withdraw when you are certain you won’t use that part of your bankroll again for future games.

* Since Neteller is accepted at multiple sites, take advantage of the different bonuses or odds between the sites. Simply withdraw money from one site to your Neteller account and deposit onto the site giving a better deal on bonuses or odds.

Neteller India Brief

  • Accepts Indians
  • Moderate Fees for Ewallets
  • High Trust and Security
  • Set-up Takes Time

Ways To Fund Your Neteller India Account

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • Maestro
  • Bank Transfer

Neteller India Fees

Funding Account Free - 5%
Transfer ⇨ Betting Site Free
Transfer ⇦ Betting Site Free
Withdraw From Account Free - 25 EUR