Royal Calcutta Turf Club – RCTC

RCTC Race Details and High Stakes Events

Like most turf clubs in India, the RCTC runs two racing seasons in a calendar year. The track has a specially designed monsoon track with drainage facilities that can handle up to 7 inches of rainfall.

The Calcutta racing seasons are as follows:

  • Monsoon: July to October
  • Winter: November to March

Notable races at Royal Calcutta Turf Club include:

  • Queens Cup
  • Calcutta Derby
  • Monsoon Derby
  • Calcutta 1,000/2,000 Guineas
  • Independence Cup



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Legality of Betting in India

Despite India’s poorly defined gambling laws, it allows for betting on horses legally. In 1996, the Supreme Court of India ruled that placing bets on horseracing is legal. While there are plans to formally legalize betting for other sports, horseracing is the one unique sport where it is already permitted by legal order.

At the RCTC, there are betting kiosks, perhaps the only one of its kind in the Eastern region. Given how the city’s laws on gambling are strict, this place is ideal for horse betters. One can study the odds, and place their bet in person before enjoying the races. However, allows you to do that from the comfort of your home.

If you actually wish to see the races, most of the racing clubs in India now live stream each race online. Therefore, makes your betting decisions much easier, allowing you not only flexibility but also a good opportunity to improve your skill. An established betting platform will help you place your bet in a safe and secure manner.

Betting on RCTC Races Online

The RCTC is one of the eight racecourses in the country that are under the jurisdiction of the Turf Authorities of India. Traditionally, it is difficult in India to find physical bookmakers. In person too, it is difficult to make a well-informed decision, one that has many moving parts.

Horse racing as mentioned earlier, requires both parts skill and luck. In most Indian states, purely luck – based betting is banned. There are also other variables that affect the races in Kolkata. A lengthy monsoon season for example, ensures that even a slight drizzle can change the entire pace of the race.

Making such decisions in a timely fashion, while trying to ensure the best bet possible can be extremely challenging. ensures that you can enjoy the race itself (by having a look at our live guide and schedules), while safely placing your bet with the correct advice (through our portals).

The RCTC had a glorious history, as the preeminent authority for over 52 racecourses in the British ruled Indian Subcontinent. Today, it is under the aegis of the Turf Authorities of India. However, that does not reduce any of its sheen and glory.


History of RCTC Horse Racing in India

Racing in the city of Kolkata (nee Calcutta) has a glorious history. When the British left India, they left behind a love for sport. The passion for horse racing, along with other sport and an admiration for the English language would be the most enduring heritage they would leave behind.

Modern horse racing in India has its origins in 1769. The Bengal Jockey Club was formed in 1809, and the Calcutta Turf Club in 1847. The present racecourse RCTC, dates back to 1809. Not much has changed since its inception, with punters still lining up with a fistful of rupees at the starting gate come season time.

Calcutta being the base of the British in the pre-Independence era was a ripe target for sport. During this time horseracing received a huge boast, so much so that the results and draws were written about in London newspapers regularly. The only difference is that today, you can use to keep for reliable odds, and place your bet instantly.

RCTC Track Details

The track at RCTC was built keeping the heavy monsoon rain in mind. Therefore, the excellent drainage facilities at the course allows for a monsoon season, typically beginning in July and going on till October. Thereafter, the winter edition takes over in November, going through till March.

Amongst the longest tracks in India at 2800 meters, the RCTC was home to some of the richest prizes in horse racing in the past. The trophies still speak of its rich history and include the Queens Cup, Calcutta Derby, and Independence Cup amongst others.

The Indian Turf Invitation which is shared amongst five major racing centres of the country – Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata comes around once in five years by rotation. According to one report, it is the “creme de la creme” of the country’s racing stock.

An afternoon at the races is all about colour and excitement and watching poetry in motion. It is fun to place a bet on the races. This provides engagement during a race as you have a horse to cheer for. will help you do just that, earning offers and free bets.

The RCTC Today

Every corridor is a reminder of its vaulted history, and its eventual transition to the modern-day version of the sport.  The main stand is open to all members of the public, and overlooks the iconic Victoria Memorial, in what is a picture-perfect photo finish for the winning horse.

For a sport like many others which has slowed down due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, horse owners and trainers in the city of Kolkata remain optimistic that not only will the races start in due course, but also with much more lucrative purses.

In the meantime, go through the various pages on It will help familiarize you with the various vagaries of horse racing if you are a newcomer. For the experienced already know that within are simple, yet effective ways to place your bet.