Guide to Online Horse Race Betting in India

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Indian Horse Race: Best Tracks to Bet

If you are interested in doing online betting on the Indian horse races, you should know about the most popular racetracks in India. In this section, we make you aware of some of the best tracks so that you can place your bets easily.

Delhi Race Club: The Delhi Race Club is regarded as one of India’s most prestigious race clubs. North Indian Derby is the biggest racing fixture that takes place at the Delhi Race usually during the winter season. You can check out the Delhi Race Club page to know more about it.

Bangalore Turf Club: Founded in 1928, the Bangalore Turf Club boasts a rich history. The Bangalore race track is not fully flat which adds a lot of excitement. The most popular races at the turf club are known as Bangalore Derbies. We have a dedicated Bangalore Turf Club page for you to check out.

Hyderabad Race Club: Built in 1968, the Hyderabad Race Club runs one of the best racecourses in India. The racecourse hosts the famous Deccan Derby, Nizam’s Gold Cup, and President of India Gold Cup. The race club has two tracks with one of them used for the monsoon season and the other used for the winter season. If you want to bet on these famous Indian horse races, you should check out our Hyderabad Race Club page.

Madras Race Club: The Madras Race Club is the oldest racecourse in India and hosts some of the best horseraces. The Madras Classics are definitely the most popular horse races that are hosted at this historic race club. Apart from the Madras Classics, Nilgiri 1000 Guineas, Niligiri 2000 Guineas, and Niligiri Derby Stake are a few of the other popular horse races. If you want to know how to place bets on these races, you should head to our Madras Race Club page.

Mysore Race Club: Built in 1920, the Mysore Race Club track has a length of 2000 meters. Mysore Derby is the most famous horse racing event which happens to be a Grade I race. Some of the other notable races held on the track are the Maharaja Cup, Governor’s Cup, Spar Million, Chamundi Million, and Mysore Race Club Million. If you want to know more about the race club, you can follow our Mysore Race Club page.

Royal Calcutta Turf Club (RCTC): This turf club holds one of India’s oldest racecourses. With a 2800 meters long track, RCTC organizes some of the best races such as Queen’s Cup, Calcutta Juvenile Spirit, and Monsoon Derby. Horse racing enthusiasts love to bet on events organized by RCTC. To know more about it, you can check out our page on Royal Calcutta Turf Club.

Mumbai Race Course & Pune Race Course (RWITC): RWITC operates the famous Mahalaxmi racecourse which is in Mumbai as well as Pune racecourse. Some of the most famous horse races that take place on these racecourses are the Indian Derby, McDowell’s Indian Derby, Pune Derby, and Independence Cup. If you are interested in knowing how to place bets on these Indian horse races, do check out our pages on Mumbai Race Course & Pune Race Course.

Horse Racing Today: Brief History of Indian Horse Racing

Horse racing in India can be traced back to 1777 when the first racecourse in Madras, now known as Chennai, was established. Horse racing had become so successful by 1862 that horses were being imported from the United Kingdom. This 200-year-old sport has grown into a well-known and well-established industry with millions of followers.

In the earlier times, horse racing used to a sport that was only played by the kings. Now it has become wide open and fans take part in Indian horse race betting. The very first Indian derby in horse racing took place in 1943. Horse racing became an instant hit in India. A number of people bet on the famous Indian horse races.

You can place bets on your favorite horses directly at the race club. Apart from this, you have a variety of online betting sites to choose from to take part in horse race betting. You will be easily able to view the Indian Race Card. Once you do that, you can now choose the race of your choice and place your bet accordingly.

If you are new to betting on horse racing, you can check out India horse race betting tips to help you get started in your betting journey. While you are at it, you should also go through this glossary of commonly used terms in horse race betting.

Famous Race Clubs in India


The popularity of horse racing in India has been able to expand greatly throughout the country. So much so, that the Turf Authorities of India manage and host events through eight different racecourses -the Hyderabad Racecourse, Bangalore Racecourse, Mysore Racecourse, (RWITC) Pune Racecourse, (RWITC) Mumbai/Mahalaxmi Racecourse, Madras Racecourse, Ooty Racecourse, and the Kolkata Racecourse. Click Below to find out how to bet on horse races at India’s top clubs!

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