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Live Cricket Betting For Indian Bettors

Cricket is a world renowned sport, with a very large following and plenty of fans that share in the enthusiasm and competitive nature. As most of the cricket (kriketa) punters actually enjoy watching the matches, most online bookmakers offer them the chance to follow, track, and wager on these cricket matches in real-time. In other words, they can do everything as they would normally, but with the added perk of doing so while the match is currently being played, known as live cricket satta, or In Play betting.

This works great when there are plenty of matches to pick from. India has a set of popular tournaments that punters can wager on. One of these tournaments is part of the Indian Premiere League that just recently began in 2008. The IPL makes use of a very interesting and exciting form of playing referred to as T20. It is when two teams battle it out by trying to get a maximum of 20 overs, where each has a single innings to do so. The IPLT20 makes use of the T20 format and is used by India when they face other countries using the same format. It is a great show of sportsmanship and skill at an international level.

Best Sites for Live Cricket Betting


Betway is our top pick for live cricket betting. They offer a well rounded betting experience, but truly excel with their live cricket betting offering with many matches to choose from and excellent betting options.

Overview of In-Play or Live Cricket Satta

Live cricket wagering is where all of the entertainment and excitement happens. It is a great feature and system that allows punters to wager on the various cricket matches that are being played at a certain time. In other words, when a cricket match is being played, the punter can place different kinds of wagers throughout the entire match, in real-time. Punters that do not have access to the televised or broadcasted match can also use this great feature in order to track and follow how the match is progressing.


How it Works

The way a cricket punter can take full advantage of the live wagering feature, they would need to know when the actual match or matches are going to be played, of course. The next step is to simply wait for the match to start, while they are logged into their favorite bookmaker and have their accounts fully funded. Once the match has begun, the punter will notice many different aspects that affect the wagering like the odds and the types of wagers that are available.

During the match, the bookmaker and the live wagering system will keep the punter completely up to date on the recent scores and any important highlights, including if any team has scored a run, how the bowler is performing during a given time (5th-inning or whatever the rules of the tournament may be), and any other such information. This way, the punter will be able to gauge which wagers to punt on; the bookmakers will also change and update the odds during the match to coincide with the current cricket match status. There will also be a large amount of wagering types available for the punter to wager on, including the straight bets and the exotic/special/prop bets all for live cricket gambling.

Live Cricket Betting Fixtures

The most important aspect about being able to wager on the upcoming kriketa matches is, knowing the schedule of when each match will be played in India or anywhere else for that matter. This is what is considered to be a cricket fixture. When Indian punters want to wager on the live cricket matches using the live wagering feature, they will need to know specifically when those matches will be played, or else they will have to constantly be checking the bookmaker schedule.

The way betting sites help their members is by providing their own cricket fixtures based on the official times determined by whoever organized the tournaments; they can also be easily attained through the cricket tournaments’ website. Based off of the fixtures, the Live Betting (or satta as known in India) will begin and the punters will be able to start placing their wagers on the matches in real-time as they are being played.

Live Cricket Tips and Strategy

When a punter is wagering on a live cricket match it is important to remember a few things that could help them decide which team, outcome, or even exotic bet to pick. During these In-Play matches, the odds will constantly change, as they are determined by how the game is progressing. This is why it is important to know which cricketers have good abilities and skills on the field, as well as which teams are good at a certain playing format. For instance, a team that performs well when playing test matches could not do so well in the Twenty20. That is why it is good to always know beforehand about the two teams and its cricket players. As the match is being played, it is also important to keep an eye out for the weather, as this could greatly affect the outcome and can change unexpectedly. It could affect how well a ball is bowled or hit, and that plays in a large part to how well a team will be able to score – such as Indian players used to their hot weather going over to England to play – where normally it is a big climate change for them.