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Guide for Online Tennis Betting from India

From the establishment of the AITA, many great players have surged, along with several tournaments, like the Bengal Lawn Tennis Championship and the All India Tennis Championships. Today, tennis has become quite popular among the Indian people. One of the leaders in tennis right now is Leander Paes, who has been to many great Grand Slams including Wimbledon and the US Open. While India also has some quite promising players like last year’s AITA winner, Yuki Bhambri.

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Major Worldwide Events

Here are two main types of tennis events that are played around the world, which make them popular to watch and wager on. There are the Grand Slam tournaments, as well as the Team Cups. The Grand Slam tournaments include:

Australian Open, which take place in Melbourne in January
French Open, taking place in Paris in May through Jun
Wimbledon, takes place in London and happen from June to July
US Open, is played in New York City and happens from August to September

All of these Grand Slam tennis tournaments bring in the best and highest ranked tennis players from all around the world, and just last year Yuki Bhambri was able to qualify to Wimbledon. We expect to see many more young athletes from India making their way to these tournaments.

The Team Cups are also quite important and well known, which are:

Davis Cup, played by only men that is played from the 1st of February until the Finals match on the 17th of November.
Fed Cup, played only by women that is played from the 9th of February until the Finals on the 3rd of November.
Hopman Cup, played by both men and women, and is played from the 29th of December until the 5th of January.

The team cups are played between countries trying to get their players into a higher ranking around the world. It is the equivalent of the World Cup of football, only with less vuvuzela’s, and a lot more class.

Basic Tennis Bets

When you start wagering on the different tennis matches and tournaments, you need to know all about the different types of bets that are available to you.

Tennis Match Winner Bets: This is the most common type of bet and would be where you place a wager on one of the players to win the match. Simply select the player that you believe will win, and place you wager on them.

Tennis Set Bets: This is where you would bet on the outcome of the match by betting on the player you think will be the winner. However, with this type of bet it gets a little more complicated than that. On top of picking the match winner, you also have to decide by how many sets the player will win by. For instance, you could place a bet on Leander Paes to beat Rafael Nadal, 3 sets to 2.

Tennis Handicap Bets: This is where you would place a wager on the point spread or handicap, between two players or teams. The spread is a handicap given to one player/team in order to even out the odds. For instance, Paes has a -3 spread against Nadal. This means that Paes has to win by 4 or more sets and win the match for you to win the bet. The spread tells you by how many sets the player has to win by.

Total Games Bets: You can wager the Over/Under of how many games a player will win during the match.

Game Score Bets: You can wager on the score of each game. You will decide the points that each player will get during that particular game.

Basic Tennis Betting Tips and Strategy

Learning the different tips and strategies of betting on tennis could help you out as you enjoy watching and wagering on this competitive sport.

• Learn about the courts that will be used during the match or tournament. There are several types of tennis courts that are most often used, the clay, hard cement, and grass courts. Being able to know which player performs better at any of these courts will help you greatly.

• Research the players participating in the tennis matches or tournaments. Get to know the players that you want to wager on, the ones that have greater potential to win or lose. Look at the player statistics and how well they have performed in recent events.

• Take advantage of the different tennis betting options. There are many different types of wagers, and you should learn how and when to use each. When you are using the In-Play or Live Betting feature, you can use the Game bets, as you can watch just how well the players are performing.

• Know that weather is a big influence, such as if there will be high winds, or it will be a cold or hot day. As tennis is postponed during rain, this does not influence the tennis match as much. Look at other factors that could have an effect on the match, like past injuries and physical form of the players too.