Indian Deposit Options

All You Need to Know About Online Poker in India

It’s Raj here to do your online poker analysis. Ok, so first off you’re probably wondering if it is even legal to play online poker in India.  While not even a lawyer could give you a 100% “non-safe side answer” it appears over many years that the Indian government could care less about people playing poker more so than any country where the laws have confusing text.  The odds of getting in trouble for playing online poker appear to be very small as there has been no record of anyone getting in trouble with the law for playing online.

We do know that the popularity of poker is exploding in India which I’m excited to see since Indians have such a strong history with card games.

With that concern out of the way, let’s move on to choose a poker site.

Online Poker Sites for India


Betway offers a great selection of poker betting options. They also accept deposits in INR and provide easy deposit options like Neteller.

What Poker Site Accepts Indians

You would think you could just log on to any poker site and play but it’s not that simple at all. Some poker rooms don’t accept players from India. We’ve also found many of them have problems taking deposits or withdrawing funds. I’ve done plenty of research by looking around at Indian specific poker chat rooms and asking tons of questions to marketing directors at the online gambling sites I work with and this is the list I’ve found the most accurate. These sites are recommended from top to bottom.

How To Successfully Deposit

The sites I mentioned above actually played a big role in this section. Depositing can be difficult at many gaming sites from India. For that reason we always suggest you use Neteller or Moneybookers to deposit and withdraw. This acts as a third party mediator between you and the poker sites therefore legally you’re never actually making a gambling deposit, the agent is.

Skrill – People all over the world use this to deposit money into poker sites from places like India, the UK, Canada, Europe and other countries of the world. About 45% of our visitors use this option. If you don’t already have an account I suggest you take a look at our Skrill review so you know what to expect. But in short, this option allows you to deposit Rupees via a bank wire.

Neteller – About 35% of our customers like this option. It’s basically the same as Skrill.

Entropay – There’s no reason other than to just mention this is an ewallet accepted at Indian poker sites. The other two above are sufficient and far more popular. This option would only be used if you already had an Entropay account or it was a last option. Everyone gets accepted at Entropay.

Here is a full review of Neteller and Skrill if you want further details about fees or how it works.

The reality behind it is the ewallet deposit option is a bit of a pain in the butt. It takes a few days to set up those ewallets as they have to verify identity and you have to send in records of who you are but in the long term it’s worth it. Some people report they can deposit at with Credit Cards but I’ve never had much luck.

Oh yea, you can not deposit to poker sites in India with Paypal.

Strategy…Not from Me

I’m not a good enough player to be giving strategy on poker anymore. But, I do know where the best places are to find good strategy. Always check out the forum. The people on there can be extremely annoying but the best online players chat there. A more specific forum for India is where everyone is from India. If you want a training school take a look at these below. They are the best for their respective game type.

Deuces Cracked – A training site for those interested in mainly cash game strategy.

HUSNG – As the name suggest, this is a heads up sit and go training site. My personal way to make money at poker. It’s just a simple concept that can be repeated over and over.

Poker Ownage – Pros here teach how to play multi-table poker tournaments.

I’d go out on a limb and say that these days you need to get a proper training site to keep your bankroll rollin on. It sucks losing your first couple of deposits but it doesn’t take too long if you study the game to make side money. Lots of pros have actually come out of those training sites I mentioned. The game at that point just becomes patience and tilt management.

Poker and its Popularity in India

They say us Indians are on of the an exploding market when it comes to poker. I can see this to be true, more and more Indians are playing online now. The Indian Poker Series is also helping to spread the word throughout Indian about the great game of poker. Major brands like are also helping advance the game by introducing trip reward tournaments to India and special tournaments in places like Goa.

I hope this quick review of online poker has helped you out. May the cards be Aces.