Indian Deposit Options

Online Casino Gambling in India

Gambling throughout India has become very popular and widespread, so much so that gambling in online casinos is a very wealthy enterprise. However, what has marked the start for online casinos are the land based casinos themselves. As the laws are quite strict when it comes to gambling, there are only a few places that you can go and play casino games. The two main states that allow and have casinos are Goa and Sikkim. Sikkim operates one casino, while Goa has 12 casinos; 5 of which are floating casinos.

Gambling in casinos can be a lot of fun and entertainment, as well as good competition among the players and the house. This is what has prompted the desire to start creating online casino websites. Sikkim tried to provide licenses for online casinos, but was shut down by the government thanks to the 2011 Federal Information Technology Act, which prohibits anyone from hosting a gambling site within the country. The law is mainly against online bookmakers that are overseas, and not much to do with overseas online casinos. The way the government handles online casino players is by simply denying them any legal rights when dealing with online casinos.

Online casinos bring the action of live casinos to your home, especially live dealer casinos. All casinos listed below offer live dealer games.

Best Online Casinos for Indian Players


Betway is our top choice for online casino betting, particularly for those looking for a more rounded betting experience. If you want to bet on casino, sports, and/or poker all from one account, Betway is a great choice. They also accept INR.

Royal Panda another solid option for Indian players. They accept INR directly and make it a point to cater to Indian players. They are extremely popular among our visitors. They have the highest credit card acceptance rate among Indian casinos.

Depositing Money

As the Indian national government deems any online gambling to be illegal except in States like Goa, they have made it a point that they will not help anyone interested in depositing money into the online casinos. It goes as far as stating that the Bank of India will not allow anyone to use their services to deposit money into these websites. Do not worry though, as there are many different ways you can get around these situations when it comes to depositing your Rupees into your favorite casino for some fun from home. There are three main ways you can deposit money into an Indian friendly online casino:

1. E-Wallets
2. Credit Card
3. Bank Wire

When using your credit card, it is a very safe and fast transaction, but as mentioned before, the bank you are using may deny those types of deposits (try smaller banks for greater success). The same goes for Bank Wire’s; you would need the permission from the bank before being able to deposit any money into your casino account. This is why E-Wallets have become so popular among players in India.

See our full guide to online depositing. It is mainly written for sports betting, but it applies to casino betting as well.

E-Wallets are Best for Indian Players

The three main e-wallets being used are:
Skrill (Moneybookers)

Each one of these has different fees and services, but they do have one thing in common, they will allow you to safely deposit your money into any of your favourite online casinos. They act as a middleman between you and the casino, cutting out the unwanted eyes and attention of the banks or the government.

You would need to sign up with any one of these e-wallets, and from there the instructions are even easier to follow. They even have the added benefit of being able to transfer and deposit funds in whichever currency you want, including our own Rupee.

Live Dealer Online Casinos

Many who like the thrill of live betting seek out online casinos that offer live dealing. These are games that offer live action through streaming. This means their is a dealer from a remote location that is actually taking bets and dealing out the action in real time. All of the casinos listed above offer live dealer games. It is hard to pick a favorite as they all offer a quality experience for live dealers. They all cater to Indian players and accept INR directly. Beyond that, it may just be a matter of who offers the most attractive dealers. In that case, our pick is Betway as we prefer the “Euro” girls, but be sure to check all three sites and decide for yourself.

Games offered with live dealer include black jack, roulette, baccarat, and sic bo.

Popular Casino Games

We have noticed a trend among the players here in India, and they are mainly interested in a few different types of casino games. The most popular games being played at casinos by fellow Indian players are:

• Rummy is another fan favourite card game. During a rummy hand you have various different tactics to try and win. You can Meld, Lay Off, and Discard the cards in your hand. Each of the basic rules makes it so that the players will always be competing to go out first, and to have the lowest score.

• Lotteries are seen throughout India in a very gran way. They are advertised and promoted by each state, making it very popular, as well as a legal form of gambling. Lotteries depend a lot on luck, as the numbers are taken out at random.

• Blackjack is a casino classic. You will be able to face off against the casino in hopes of winning big. This is one card game where you do not play against other opponents, but only against the house. Use different strategies to try and beat the dealer.

• Keno is very similar to the lotto. You get to pick between 4 and 10 numbers, from among 80 numbers. You will then place your bet, along with those desired numbers, and 20 balls will be drawn at random. If enough of your numbers were chosen, you will be a winner. It is a very entertaining game.

• Poker is an amazing card game, and has been played for quite a long time. Its popularity is coupled with the competitiveness that occurs between the players. Some may argue that it is based on luck, but most seasoned players say that it is a game of wit and skill, with a certain degree of chance included. It is referred to as a very mental and psychological game.

As you can notice, most of them are card games; which most players would argue demands a certain level of skill to play them. Try your luck and skill at any one of these great casino games and you will see just why they are so popular.