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Tips for Betting on Football from India

Tips for betting on football from IndiaFootball is one of the most popular sports for betting in India along with cricket and tennis.

While there are no official sites from India that offer sports betting, European bookmakers offer bets from India on the most popular international football tournaments and leagues, including the English Premier League, German Bundesliga, Spanish La Liga and many more.

In this article we will give our recommendation for the best football betting sites, banking tips for making deposits and withdrawals, and basic football betting strategy and tips.

Best Football Betting Sites For India


Betway is our featured site. It accepts Rupees directly and is most popular among our visitors with a solid reputation, higher success rate for deposits.

Live Football Betting

There are several sites that offer live in-match betting for football matches. The most popular is Betway who accepts rupees directly. Live match betting at allows players to stream the event and make real time bets.

Essentially live football bets operate on a ‘market system’, where the odds of particular bets will change and even close live during play.

For instance, if you place a bet for a +4.5 combined score, the bet will close after the 5th goal is scored. As the game is played, the odds will change depending on the conditions of the game. If a better can judge the momentum of the game better than the bookmaker, it creates opportunities to get good value on certain bets.

Note: Live betting option is not available for I-League betting, only for world, UK, and some European matches.

Banking: Best Options for Indian Players

Skrill Neteller India Banking Methods

How to deposit and withdraw money from betting sites?

It is not uncommon for Indian bettors to have a difficult time depositing with traditional methods such as credit cards and direct bank wires. There are several factors involved as to why it can be difficult for some and not for others, but there is no clear answer.

However, for those who can’t deposit directly with credit cards or bank wires, we recommend using ewallets such as Skrill or Neteller. Both are available for Indians and link the e-wallet account directly to the local bank. If this were not an option, players can always solicit a debit card (Master Card) from Skrill or Neteller and withdraw funds from any ATM in the world.

Ewallets provide their own advantages and can even be useful for those who have no problem depositing otherwise. Ewallets are sort of like an online bank account. They can be used for all kinds of online purchases, but some can be used to deposit at betting sites as well.

Players generally have no problem funding their ewallet accounts with either credit cards or bank transfers. Once funds are on the ewallet account, they can be transferred to any bookmaker accepting that ewallet. Nearly all reputable betting sites accept Skrill and Neteller which are companies from the UK, making them an excellent choice.

*Be sure to see our depositing guide for more information on deposits.

Football Betting Strategy

As with betting strategy of any sport, the main way to beat the books is to find value on certain bets. The best way to do this is to shop around for odds.

This requires having several active accounts open before an event in order to make sure you can take advantage of better values that may be offered.

Looking for value in the smaller market games can often be easier as long as multiple betting sites offer odds on the event. Sometimes specialized events will only be offered at certain bookmarkers, but when they are offered at 3 or 4 sites, it is easier to find value.

You will find that smaller market events tend to have smaller betting limits, so while you may find profitable bets, the gains tend to be smaller.

If you are a bettor who deals in large wagers, it is better to look for larger market events like the English Premier League.

Betting Systems – Backing and Laying System

Lay Back betting strategy

There are many betting systems around. Every serious bettor seems to have one or another, and swears they work whether they win or lose.

However, we have found success using the backing and laying system. First, I should mention that this system works on a market system. We suggest using live odds bets that use such a system. The idea is to take advantage of the odds as the event unfolds and the individual odds change.

Some simple terms: lay = bet against, back = bet for

The basic use of this strategy involves betting against a ‘draw’ where the score on both sides is the same at the conclusion of the match. It also involves betting against a 0 – 0 game, as for this system to work at least one goal must be scored.

1. First, lay the draw (bet against a draw) before the match begins for odds somewhere around 3.0 and 3.8.

2. If a goal is scored, the probability of a draw reduces and the odds (payout) increase. If this happens back the draw at the higher odds locking in profit on either outcome.

Note: bookies are not easily fooled and will prevent any further bets on the same event and even some related others, and they do it exactly to null this type of strategy which is known as arbitrage betting.

This is why to play by your rules you will need more than 1 sports betting account, and an advanced option for arbitrage lovers is to open a secondary service with arbitrage software sites like OddStorm.

3. Make sure to do the math using a betting calculator to find out how much to bet backing the draw in order to make a profit. Betway and most betting sites will allow you to calculate winnings right on the betting slip using the present odds without having to place the bet.

4. If neither team has scored around the 75 min mark, the system suggests that you back the draw in order to cut your losses since most goals are scored before the 75th match in games.

The system does not guarantee a win every time, it is still betting with risk, but try it several times with ‘play money’ to see how it works for you.

3 Online Betting Tips

1. Play to Your Betting Style. If you are betting for the fun and thrill, look for high risk/high reward bets with proposition bets. If you are betting for value, make sure to spend the hours needed on each match to make the right call.

2. Do Your Research. For value bettors it is essential to do your research and study the upcoming match before locking in your bets. The idea is to beat the odds of the bookmaker, so that if they are placing odds of 3 on a particular outcome and you think those odds should only be 2.7, place a bet on it.

3. Always Check the Weather. Weather has a direct impact on the outcome of events. In some cases, certain teams perform better in certain conditions. While in others, it may not affect the final winner, it may affect odds such as goals scored, and the intensity of the match.