British Bookmaker Refuses to Pay on Olympic Bet

Betfred is refusing to pay a bet on a bet placed by an Olympians grandmother. The Olympian was Sam Oldham from Britain’s Gymnastics team who won a bronze medal in gymnastics. A sport which Britain had not previously medaled in for 100 years. The odds were 200 – 1.

Linda Aldred proudly placed a bet on her grandson Sam Oldham for £5 at a local Betfred shop in honor of her late husband who she said “Loved a bet”. Thrilled not only for the fact that her grandson had won a medal, but also that she turned £5 into £1,000, she went to a Betfred shop to claim her prize. However, Betfred refused to honor the bet.

They claimed the refusal was for the fact that Sam won the medal in a team event, but when reviewing her betting slip she saw no mention of this for being reason for exclusion of winning, nor did the bet stipulate that it had to be an individual event.

Linda is seeking help from the Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS) who helps to resolve such disputes.

Some have pointed out that the £1000 payout may not be worth the bad press for Betfred.

Linda Aldred says she is still thrilled for her Grandson’s success. She stated “it is more the principle than the money.” She went on to say that she could use the money to pay for a ticket to see her grandson compete in 2016 in Rio.