Indian Deposit Options

EntroPay Review Entropay is a valid option for Indian players, but it is not our favorite due to its higher fees compared to other ewallets. Be sure to compare the different fees to make sure you choose the ewallet right for you.

See our Skrill and Neteller reviews for comparison.

4 / 5

Sites Accepting EntroPay


Betway does not charge for using Entropay. Minimum deposit: 750 INR, Maximum deposit: 99 999 INR. Available currencies with this method are INR, USD, GBP and EUR.

EntroPay Deposit Overview

If you have read our other deposit information, you know that we recommend ewallets for Indian players. They are reliable, secure and accepted by most reputable betting sites. Entropay is among the ewallets that can be used and are widely accepted. Like other ewallets, it allows for users to store money on an online account which they can easily transfer to betting sites accepted Entropay. However, Entropay also offers a feature that other ewallets don’t have. EntroPay accounts are Virtual Visa cards that allow users to easily use their stored funds for other online purchases where VISA is accepted.

We tend not to recommend Entropay because it has higher fees than both Skrill and Neteller, but it is a reliable method and one worth mentioning.

How it Works

Like other ewallets, Entropay works like an online bank account. A comparison can be made to Paypal. It allows players to load funds onto the Entropay account using a bank transfer, credit card or other options. Once the account has been funded, players can then transfer this money to betting sites. Since it is a Virtual Visa, it can be used exactly like you would a VISA debit card. Many Indian players will find difficulty using credit cards or bank transfers directly with betting sites. However, since ewallets are 3rd party accounts, loading money onto these accounts is easy.

Ewallets are by far the most reliable method for Indian players.

Fees: Deposit, Transfer, and Withdraw

The Fees for Entropay tend to be higher than other ewallets. This is the main reason we recommend the other options such as Skrill or Neteller. Not only are some of the fees higher, but you are charged for more things. For instance, the other ewallets typically either charge you to withdraw or for transfers, but Entropay charges for transfers and withdrawals.

Fee for Fund Entropay Account: 3.95% - 4.95%
You will be charged 3.95% for funding your EntroPay via bank transfers. A 4.95% fee will apply for funding using a credit card, which is about double what you would pay at the other ewallets.

Transfer Fees: 1.95%
There aren’t fees to pay or transfer funds to betting sites, but you will be charged a fee of 1.95% each time you withdraw from a betting site to your Entropay account.

Fees to Withdraw from EntroPay: £ 3
Entropay seems to charge at every turn. This £ 3 fee is charged when you want to return money from your Entropay account to your personal credit/debit card.

Again, if these fees turn you off, make sure to check out Skrill or Neteller.

Why Use Entropay?

Entropay has the advantages of ewallets including security, reliability and privacy. Like the other ewallets we recommend, Entropay is a trusted name in security. Ewallets are far more reliable than other deposit methods. Once your account is funded, Indian players will be able to deposit at betting sites that accept the payment method, making this method much more reliable than depositing directly with bank transfers or credit cards. It also provides you with some privacy, because your personal credit card or bank statements will only show as transactions with the ewallet and not the betting sites you use.

The added benefit to Entropay is its function as a Visa card. This allows you to use it at any merchant that VISA is accepted. However, as we said before, you will pay for this convenience with much higher fees.

In our opinion, while Entropay is a viable option, most will likely be better off using Skrill or Neteller.

How to Set Up Entropay Account

Signing up for EntroPay is pretty straight forward. Simply visit, select ‘sign-up’, fill out the necessary info and submit your request. When asked which currency you want to use, you will be given the choice of GBP or USD, simply use the currency you are most familiar with. This is just a personal preference.

Funding Your EntroPay Account

It is easiest and fastest to fund your account using a credit/debit card that most banks issue. However, you may have to go through additional steps with the issuing card such as “Verify by Visa” for Visa holders or ‘MasterCard SecureCode’. These can be a bit of a hassle to set up, but they help to insure your transactions are secure.

You can also fund your account using a bank transfer, but bank transfers can take up to 7 days to clear.

Tips on Using Skrill:

* EntroPay plastic cards are not available to Indian residents. You can use the virtual visa account which is online, but in 2011, EntroPay no longer allowed Indian residents to acquire their plastic card.

* We have mentioned this before, but be aware of the higher fees. The are considerably higher than the other ewallets. Some may still prefer EntroPay for various reasons, but make sure you read their fee structure.

* Periodically, some residents of India may find that EntroPay has frozen their account through no fault of their own. If this happens, contact their costumer service department. They will help you resolve the situation.

* As with any ewallet and financial site, or any time you input personal info or financial data, make sure to look HTTPS before the domain in the address bar instead of HTTP. The S stands for secure. This will help keep your information protected.


  • Accepts Indians
  • High Trust and Security
  • High Fees for Ewallets
  • Set-up Takes Time


  • VISA
  • Bank Transfer


  • Funding Account: 3.95 - 4.95%
  • Transfer ⇨ Betting Site: Free
  • Transfer ⇦ Betting Site: 1.9%
  • Withdraw From Account: £3