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Famous Race Clubs in India

Popularity of horse racing in India has been able to expand greatly throughout the country, so much so that the Turf Authorities of India manage and host events through eight different racecourses, Hyderabad Racecourse, the Bangalore Racecourse, the Mysore Racecourse, the Pune Racecourse, the Mumbai/Mahalaxmi Racecourse, the Madras Racecourse, the Ooty Racecourse, and finally the Kolkata Racecourse. These race tracks have had a great many different major events pass through them such as the Indian Turf Invitation Cup, the Sprinters’ Cup, the Stayers’ Cup, and the Super Mile Cup. All of which are Grade 1 races and they rotate yearly between all of the racecourses.

The Hyderabad Race Course

The Hyderabad racecourse is actually run and operated by the Hyderabad Race Club, which was started in 1968 by the Nizam’s. The Club switched venues quite often throughout its history, finally ending up in Malakpet, Hyderabad, where it regained popularity in 1968. Some of the most famous races are the Deccan Derby, the President of India Gold Cup, and the Nizam’s Gold Cup. As such, this racecourse is actually considered to be one of the top race courses in India, where thoroughbred horses race.The actual race track has a Grand Stand, which has a capacity of 10,000 seats, and a Paddock Viewing Gallery capable of holding up to 2,000 viewers.The Hydebad Race Club offers two tracks, the Monsoon and Winter race tracks. The Monsoon track is a sand based track used during monsoon season (July-October) and is 2250m in length. The Winter course is tan bark track used during winter (November – March) and is 2150m.

The Bangalore Race Course

This racecourse is hosted and operated by the Bangalore Turf Club Ltd. That was founded in 1920. Horse racing in Bangalore began more than 150 years ago when Kempe Gowda founded Bangalore.Between wars and the hard access to good racing horses prevented them from becoming more successful for a long time. That has all change now, as this race track is a very popular wagering centre among the other racecourses.The actual race track has a capacity of up to 1,500 viewers, but it sometimes expands to accommodate more.The the feature track is a 1950m long oval track with 4 distinct curves. The track also makes changes in elevation.

The Mysore Race Course

The Mysore race track, in all of its splendour is actually located in the Mysore district and is a great place for anyone from Karnataka to go and place a few wagers on the horse races. It is said to be the most picturesque track in India, rivaled by the Ooty Race Course for its scenery, located in the foothills of Chamundi Hills.The race track tends to host plenty of races from August through October and is operated by the Mysore Turf Club Ltd. This is a very exclusive race track, only allowing about 250 members in each year.The feature oval shaped track extends about 2000m, with the straights being 500m. It also has an inner sand track as well.

The Pune Race Course

The Pune racecourse was built in 1830, and is located in Pune Cantonment; it was built on land that is currently controlled by the Indian Army. The total area that the race track and its installations cover is of 118.5 acres, with additional stabling for horses at the Empress Gardens.The race track is operated by the Royal Western India Turf Club>Royal Western India Turf Club Ltd., which host events from July to October. They host a series of great events like the Pune Derby, the RWITC Gold Cup, and the Independence Cup.The Pune feature track is a 3200m oval turf track.

The Mumbai/Mahalaxmi Race Course

This racecourse is also operated by the Royal Western India Turf Club Ltd. And conduct all of their racing events from November until April. This magnificent racecourse was actually built in 1883 and spans 225 acres.It is one of the more prestigious racecourses, as they have been the home to the 5 Indian Classics. They also host events like the 1000 and 2000 Guineas, Oaks, Derby, and Poonawalla Multimillion. The racecourse can hold about 5,500 people in three different enclosures.The feature track at Mahalaxmi is 2400m oval track.

The Madras Race Course

The Madras racecourse, also known as the Guindy Race Course, is one of the oldest racecourses in India. The track was first built in 1777 in Guindy, Chennai. The horse races are conducted at this race track from November until March.The owners and operators of this racecourse is the Madras Race Club, which has been part of history for a long time and have seen many great figures cross its path, including the President of India, King Don Alfonso of Spain, and the Earl and Countess of Derby. One of the most famous races that have been hosted here is the Classic Indian Turf Invitation Cup.

The Ooty Race Course

The Ooty racecourse is located in Ooty, The Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu and is operated by the Madras Race Club, whom also hosts many racing events at this particular race track.The horse racing events are held from April to June, taking up most of the summer months. It is a highland race course, so the altitude for the races is much higher, demanding more from the horses.This is one of the smaller race tracks around India, as it takes up only 55 acres, and the track extends 2400 meters.

The Kolkata Race Course

This particular racecourse is owned and operated by the Royal Calcutta Turf Club, where the race track was first built in Kolkata, in 1820.The races that are hosted at this racecourse take place from July to September, and then again from November to March, making this one of the most used and popular racecourses.Several great events have been held here such as the Indian Turf Invitation Cup and the Sprinters’ Cup.