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Guide to Formula 1 Betting in India

Formula 1 is by far one of the greatest and most popular car racing events to bet on. It includes some of the world’s most powerful engines, in the best designs. The reason it is such a popular sport is thanks to the fact that these cars can reach top speeds of around 320 km/h and the competition is fierce at top cities around the world (it inspires money). The races happen all year long and all around the world, but one of these great races actually happens in our backyard in Greater Noida, near New Delhi. This particular race, named the Grand Prix of India, had a late start, having their first official race in 2011. The Buddha International Circuit has a length of 5.14 km, where the drivers will have a total of 60 laps to try and get the first place victory.

Ever since the proposal in 2007 to build this racetrack near New Delhi, India took a step forward and with the help of Vijay Malya, managed to create the Sahara Force India Formula One Team; which was previously known as Force India. This F1 team has been all over the world, participating in 93 different races, all with Paul di Rest at the wheel. The Grand Prix of India starts on the 25th of October, with the actual race happening on the 27th of October. Mark these down on your calendars, as it will be a great race to watch.

All that said, Indians want to know the best sites to make online bets for F-1.

Where to Bet on F1 from India


Betway is the best place for Indians to bet on F1 online. Not only do they offer a great selection of F1 events to bet on, but they also cater to Indian players by accepting INR.

Basic Betting Types

Wagering on the Formula 1 races is easy and fun; all you have to know about are the different types of bets that are available for you to choose from.

Qualifying Bets: Before each race, the drivers must complete a qualifying round, where based on time, which will determine their position at the starting line. You will be able to place a wager on this event, choosing which team/driver will come in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd or any position, or even wagering on the qualifying times.

To Win/Money Wagers: this type of wager is used during the actual race day, where you would pick which driver will come in 1st place.

Championship Bets: You can place a bet on the individual championships that take place, like the World Drivers Championship.

Points Finish: This is where you can wager on a driver that will finish in the top 8.

Podium Finish: You can wager on a driver finishing in the top 3.

Fastest Lap Bet: You can bet on the driver that will have the fastest lap time of the race.

Safety Car: Bet on whether the safety car will be needed or not.

Number of Finishers: Wager on the number of drivers/cars that will complete the race.

Winning Distance: Wager on how far ahead the winner will finish the race based on time.

With this many different types of bets, you will certainly have enough possibilities to win.

Famous F1 Events Worldwide

There are several categories where Formula 1 drivers can compete in. They first compete in the Gran Prix races, then the Championships; the World Drivers Championship and the World Constructors Championship.

Grand Prix Races

During any given year, there are around 20 different Formula 1 races that happen all over the world. The FIA, or Formula One World Championship, takes place between March and November. The 2013 FIA calendar starts on the 15th of March and ends the 24th of November. Some of the great F1 races that happen during this time include:

1. Australian Grand Prix, which takes place in Melbourne and is the season starter.

2. Grand Prix de Monaco, which takes place in Monte Carlo and is made world famous by the extravagance of the race and its attendees.

3. Airtel Indian Grand Prix, which happen in New Delhi and is one of the newest races in the FIA.

4. Grande Premio Do Brasil, which takes place in Sao Paulo, and is the season finisher; giving drivers that are close in points a final chance to take the lead.

World Drivers Championships

This is a championship where the best drivers will have the chance to prove who the best in the world is. Drivers qualify by accumulating points during the Gran Prix races throughout the year.

World Constructors Championships

Behind every driver and car, there is a team that must build that car. During each race, the teams or constructors are given points. The constructors that have the most points, qualify for this championship to determine which team has the best constructed car.

F1 Betting Basic Tips and Strategy

In order to place smart wagers, you should know different basic tips and strategies for betting on the Formula 1.

• Become familiar with the drivers and the constructors. You will have an easier time picking which driver to wager on if you know more about them. You should learn which drivers drive better on what racecourses, so take into consideration:
– Drivers experience
– Constructors reputation

• Do your research on the specifics of the driver and the car. This would include aspects such as:
– Drivers winning record
– Qualification form
– Car specs, amount of fuel is can hold

• The pit team. One of the most important factors that many punters overlook is the pit team. They are essential during the race, especially when a driver in 1st place must make a pit stop. Check out their average times, as it will give you a good indication of how much time the driver will lose.