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How to Bet on Football Matches Live or In Play

Football has become increasingly more popular in India, especially with the creation of their own football association, the All India Football Federation, which controls the vast majority of different leagues and tournaments, as well as promoting the India national team. The AIFF has been around since the 1800’s, and there are now several leagues that play domestically, like the I-League and the I-League 2nd Division. These leagues play in various different tournaments and cups, some domestic, others national, and there are even some international cups.

All of these events and football matches taking place all over India are a great way for punters interested in football to pass their time. They can bet on the competitive sport, follow certain teams, and do all of it while the matches take place using the Live Betting feature at any on the online football betting sites.

Best Sites for Live Football Satta


Betway is the favorite among our visitors. When it comes to football betting, you will find a great selection of options. Their live betting offering is excellent.

In-Play/Live Football Betting

When punters arrive at their favorite online bookmaker, they will be able to see all of the different gambling odds and betting options, along with the upcoming football matches and their fixtures. In order to actually see the specific football odds and betting options, you will need to do the following:

1. Head over to the football section by clicking on the “Football” link once you are in the “sports” section.
2. Choose the specific tournament or match from the list of available matches.
3. The betting line and other odds will be shown, along with options for specific live football betting (usually).

The process is very similar when you head over to the Live Betting/In-Play feature. Go to the live betting section and follow the same steps as above and you will find yourself looking at the specific football match that you want to bet on. Do not forget about the basic betting options that are offered through the In-Play feature. These options are totally different than the regular options that are given to you on the betting lines.

Some of the basic live football options are:

• Full Time Result
• Half Time Result
• 1st Goal/2nd Goal
• Match Goals
• Total Corners
• Goals Odd/Even

The list continues, but you get the idea that these types of wagers have to do with the football match specifically being played. From amongst the various betting options, the bets that I personally use when wagering are:

• 1st Goal, you get to pick the team or the player that will score the 1st goal of the match

• Goal Method, pick how the goal(s) will be scored by either a Shot, Header, Penalty, Free Kick, or Own Goal.

• Any bet that involves picking a specific player for anything, such as player to get a yellow/red card or even which player will be substituted first.

Live football betting allows you to fully enjoy and experience the football match, by receiving up to date highlights, important plays, and scores, and at the same time allows you to place some great bets for a far more exciting match!

Live Betting Fixtures

Fixtures are the specific playing schedule for any particular sport. In this case, the live betting fixtures for football would include when each of the football matches will take place. You will be able to figure out when the matches are scheduled to kick off by looking at the bookmakers schedule (at the sport section for each particular type of sport), so that way you can be prepared at your bookmakers Live Betting page. Knowing is half the battle, so once you know when the matches and tournaments are going to be played, you can research and organize your wagers.

You will only be able to find live betting rates for World, European and UK football fixtures. Live betting odds are currently not offered for I-League matches.

Live Football Tips and Tricks

Chance favors only the prepared mind, and when it comes to betting on the live football matches, it is important to know and understand the different aspects that affect it. This is why there are many tips and tricks to wagering through the live betting feature.

• Be well prepared beforehand on the generalities of the match. For instance, get to know both of the teams, the players, and the way they play once they are on the pitch. This will help you on the general types of bets, like 1st Half Winner or Score.

• Looking at the past playing patterns of the individual players is also important. You can use this information when placing the 1st/2nd Goal bets, as you will probably not have much time to decide which team or player will be scoring first.

• Live betting doesn’t allow for much time to actually place a wager, so you must always be prepared and confident. Do not hesitate when you place a bet, as you could miss the chance of making some money.

• Learn as the game progresses. You need to take into account how well the defence and offense is playing this specific match. Simply by taking into account past performances won’t cut it when placing live bets. Each match is different, which is why you need to learn quickly and always be observant.

• You should actually try and watch the football matches. Live betting gives you the important highlight and plays, but you should also try and watch the game live. This will help you get a better feel for how the teams are playing.