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Basic Football Gambling Tips for Indian Punters

With football being one of the most popular sports in the world, India has fast become another nation where this sport is getting more and more popular. It is still behind the national sport of cricket obviously, but football still has a long time to reach the top. With football becoming more popular, sports enthusiasts and punters alike should know about the different football gambling options, which have their own methods. This is why learning about the different tips regarding the betting options will certainly help you become more successful at sports betting. These betting options should be found any of the major sites for online football betting.

Basic Betting Options and Tips

When betting on a football match, punters need to know the basic betting options available to wager on, as well as what they are and what helpful tips should be kept in mind before placing them; these include:

Match Odds

Match odds are the main betting option that you will have available on any of the online bookmakers. They tend to come in the form of 1 X 2; 1 represents the first team’s odds, the 2 represents the second team’s odds, and the X is a Draw bet. A Draw bet is where you will wager on the fact that the game will end in a draw, otherwise they would bet on the 1 or 2, depending on which team you think will win the match.

Sports Match odds tips:

• Research before betting, make sure to know both team’s strengths and weaknesses (such as whether team A plays best on grass or gravel vs. Team B).

• Compare each of the teams skills and abilities on the field to make a good prediction.

• Look at the team’s performance regarding their Players
– How well they preform offensively vs. defensively.

• Create a rational prediction of the possible outcome of the game using the above information (if they play better on grass because they train on grass, then playing on gravel will most likely cause them issues and might lose).

• Base your decision on that prediction, don’t use your “gut”. Bet with your head, not emotion.

Total Goals (Over/Under)

This satta option takes into account the total amount of goals that are likely to be scored during any specific match. This is the sum of both team’s final score, and you must decide whether the bookmaker’s value is lower or higher than the predicted total score. You would wager on the Under if the value is higher and on the Over is the value is lower than the predicted value.

Total Goals tips for Indian Punters:

• Use the average scores of each team to calculate a potential total score.
– You can use different types of betting systems already on the internet (research them well however, not all systems out there are actually any good).
– You can also create your own method of calculating the total score.

• Use specific information
– Use the home game information for the Home team.
– Use away game information for the Away team

• Look at past performances, but keep the data within the current season (teams alter a lot between seasons).

Correct/Exact Score

This is a trickier type of wager where you can determine which will be the final score between the two teams. In order to win this wager, the match has to end with the exact score that you predicted, or else it will not pay out; a lot riskier, but comes with much better gambling odds.

Correct score tips for football gamblers:

• Use the information/data from more recent games:
– Don’t look at the first games of the season if it is nearing the end, the data will be out-dated and most teams don’t play their best at the beginning of a football season.

• Use specific information regarding each team:
– Use the home and away data for the Home and Away team respectively.

• Create a working and rational system for calculating the potential match score:
– Find examples online.
– Create your own through trial and error.

• Always remember that bookmakers give the home team a +1 goal advantage over the away team (keep this is mind when calculating your estimated “correct score” prediction).

Prop/Exotic Betting Options and Tips

When wagering on a football match, you will also get the chance to place different bets on the prop/exotic bets that are available at the bookmaker. Some of the more popular prop bets include the Half Time, Goalscorer, First Goal, and Draw No Bet.

Half Time Wager

You will get to pick which team will be the goal leader at the end of the first half of the match. You will be able to bet on the team to be winning, or you can also bet on a draw, where the score is tied at the half.

Half time football gambling tips:

• Use past player performance information and current statistics (injuries, replacements, etc.):
– Check to see which players have a high likelihood of scoring early in the game due to past performance and current state/training.

• Look at the past scoring trends of each team:
– Check to see which team has a weaker defence and stronger offense.


Here you will be able to wager online on which player will be the First or Last to score a goal during the match, with the added option of wagering on which player will score at any time during the match.

Goalscorer gambling tips:

• Look at past performances of the players on each team

• Compare the key players abilities against the other team’s defence
– This will let you see if they have a better chance at scoring easily

First Goal Wager

The first goal gamble is just as he name suggests. You will get to pick which team will score the first goal of the match and place a wager on them.

First goal tips:

• Look at the team’s overall performance

• Compare the defence and offence of each team to figure out which has better chances of scoring first

• Check on the team’s scoring trends
– Team’s with higher first goal percentage
– Compare the two team’s percentages

Draw No Bet

This is a safe kind of matka wager for sports bettors. You will be wagering on either team to win the match, and if the match ends in a tie, you will not lose their money; instead, you will simply get your wager refunded.

Draw no bet tips:

• Research both team’s Offense and defense abilities

• Compare the data of each team

• Create a rational prediction to the possible match outcome

Football Betting Tips and Strategy

There are many different tips and strategies to wagering on football in general, which take after the specific tips that are based off of the betting options. Some of the general betting tips are:

• Research is the number one priority for any punter
– The individual players performance and skill
– The overall offense
– The overall defence

• Take into account the past performance of the specific team’s playing in the match
– Look at the performance of home games for the home team
– Look at the performance of away games for the away team

• Never use out-dated information
– Find and use any relevant data and information that is within the current playing season
– If the season is just starting, use past season performance, but make sure the team and players have not changed drastically

• Look at outside factors
– What the turf is made out of, real or fake grass
– The condition the turf is in
– What the weather will be like during the match

• Employ good money management
– Only use 75% of your total bankroll during any given week
– Use only between 4% to 8% of your bankroll on each bet
– Make sure to spread your bets over many different wagers