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Cricket Betting Tips – The Basics

It is always important for any cricket punter when wagering on the different events in India, to know what the different basic gambling options are available at cricket betting sites. There are four basic types of wagering options that a punter can find; they are Match Odds, Tied Match, Series Winner, and Outright Winner. Each of them has different rules and conditions that make them a great option when placing a wager.

Cricket punters interested need a good understanding of the basics if they want to place the right wagers, as well as be able to move on to the prop/exotic bets.

Basic Cricket Bets

Match Odds (To Win the Match). This is the most popular and widely used wagering option when it comes to cricket. The way it works is simple, the punter would need to pick one of the two teams in the match as the potential winner. This works great when there is a One Day International, or any of the different tournaments. In terms of odds, the favourite to win the match will get better odds, but the punter will win less than even money. While the underdog team pays greater than even money.

Our tip for you bettors is that you should be able to research each team, and depending on the match format, they will be able to compare how well the teams will perform. They can research and compare the bowlers and batsmen, and how they perform, and this way, be able to get a more accurate prediction of which cricket team will come out the winner.

Tied Match (Draw No Bet). Just as the name states, it is a wager where the punter will have the chance to wager on whether a Test Match will end in a draw or not. Some bookmakers use a wager known as Double Chance, which permits betting (sarta) on either a Side to Win or Draw or on Both Sides.

Punters should use this betting option when the two teams are well matched. In other words, both teams have the possibility of performing equally on the field. This can be done by gathering information on each team, such as their stats.

Series Winner. The punter would use this online gambling type when they want to punt on which of the two teams will win in a series. It is common to find three or five game series, and a great five match series would be The Ashes, where two teams play five Test matches to determine the winner. The punter simply needs to wager on the team they believe will do the best out of the three or five matches.

In order to make the most accurate prediction, the betting tip here is for the punter to look at the long term performance of each team. They will need to check out how each of the teams in the series have done in the recent past; keeping it rather close, as going too far back will give inaccurate stats. So use recent data, like how well they performed in previous series and which cricketers could lead the team to win.

Outright Winner. When cricket punters want to wager on which team has the best chances of winning a tournament, including the Cricket World Cup, ICC Champions Trophy, or the World Twenty20, they would use this type of futures wager. They will be gambling that the team they picked will not only win their matches, but will win the entire tournament. This is a long-term wager; so do not expect to see any winnings until the tournament has ended.

This is a much trickier type of wager, as it demands that the punter invest money for a long time before they see any pay outs. This is more along the lines of trying to predict the future, using present and past data. This wager is done more often for the enjoyment, as well as for the incredibly great gambling odds.

Exotic/Prop Bets

There will always be some special kinds of wagers when it comes to cricket. These types of wagers are a great way to enhance the experience, as well as make some extra money. They can be found before a match, as well as during the match using the In-Play or Live feature. Some of these wagers include cricket team and player exotics.

Some of the team exotics include Win Toss, Odd or Even Run Scores, Over/Under Scores, Team Innings Runs, and Most Run Outs. While the player exotics include Top Batsman, Top Bowler, Man of the Match, and Batsman Matches. There are plenty of more exotic/prop bets that can be found on the bookmaker’s, so be sure to check them all out.

When wagering on exotic or prop bets, punters need to realize that these take place in real-time. In other words, the wagers are based on what is currently happening or what will happen shortly. Bettors need to be able to adapt and keep up with the game, as it will help them better analyse the possibilities and wager accordingly. It helps to be watching the matches as they happen, or at least listen to them over the radio, as this is the best way to get all of the information in a timely manner.

Cricket Betting Tips and Strategy

When a punter wants to start gambling on cricket matches or tournaments, they need to know a few basic tips and strategies that will help them along the way. Knowing how to properly Manage Money is very important, as that is what allows them to continue punting. There are also other tips and strategies regarding planning and analysing game statistics, as well as looking at other factors that could affect the cricket matches, such as weather.

Money Management. There is a common rules that punters should really only use anywhere from 4% to 7% of their total bankroll on each wager. This will keep the money spread out, so the losses will be minimal, and the potential to win increases. Money management also refers to money control; as in do not spend everything in one sitting. Punters should only use 45% to 55% of their total money to wager in a given week. This will make sure they have enough money to get back on their feet in case the worse happens.

Another important tip and strategy to remember when dealing with money is to always remain calm and composed. Many punters act rash when they face losing wagers, and could even spiral out of control when they try to win back the money the lost. Desperate punters become losing punters.

Team and Player Statistics. Understanding the teams and player is also vital for placing wagers. This is why punters need to know the cricket teams and cricketers stats, as they will tell them how well they could perform. Looking at how a team plays on the field, making sure they have a good all-around team with good batsmen and bowlers. Checking to see how well they have performed throughout different matches and compare them to their upcoming matches. Player stats go deeper into how a team performs. Looking at a batsmen average runs and how well they perform against certain bowlers or the opposite, looking to see how well a bowler has performed against batsmen.

Remember to take into account different performances depending on format and weather. Weather can affect how a bowler bowls or how a batsmen hits the ball. Weather can change unexpectedly, so always be up to date on the matches local weather.